Power Cords

With the upcoming release of Darksiders II, I decided to check out the first game in the series. I’ve always been a fan of lore and mythology in video games whether it’s a game like God of War, or Dante’s Inferno, or others such as Age of Mythology. Seeing that this game involves a battle between Heaven, Hell and Humankind–I was very interested in checking it out.

You play as War–one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. When Heaven and Hell first started warring, the Charred Council sent the Four Horsemen to end the War. When you come into play, you’re under the impression that the Seven Seals have been broken, which is the only way you can be summoned. But soon find out that that is not the case. You’ve been somehow called early which is breaking the rules of the Charred Council. The game is you questing…

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